Below are frequently asked questions concerning the Creating Knowledge Prospectus, the Internal Funding available and the application and approval process.  If you have any suggestions for additions to these questions, please email them to mailto:creatingknowledge@shu.ac.uk


Who can help me prepare a budget?

Your faculty finance teams will be able to help prepare your budget. Key contacts are below.

Wen Ye Fiona Herrick Fiona Herrick Wen Ye Fiona Herrick
SBS Finance, Accounting and Banking Management Service Sector Management
Louise Booth
Grazina Manchester Grazina Manchester Lindsey  Cukin Anna    Cawton Grazina Manchester Ross   MacKay
Dave Szwejkowski

The guidance states that budgets must be spent by 31 July 2019 and the project must be completed by end of December 2019. What does this mean in practice?

All expenditure must be complete by July 2019, however, some projects may have a continuation in terms of analysis of data, writing up etc. that would not require any additional expenditure from the CKIP fund and these activities can continue to December 2019.

Can you provide more detail around the stipulation that costs are ‘Not to be used for directly allocated staff costs, but can be used for directly incurred costs and other project costs’?

We recommend staff discuss and agree resources with their line manager and Assistant Dean Research and Innovation to ensure that it is clear how the project will be undertaken and how staff commitments will be covered.  This may be via various mechanisms (e.g. AL cover, PGR, RA etc.) depending on what is the best solution in each case. Once a proposed mechanism is identified, the appropriate faculty finance team can help with costing the directly incurred costs.

It may be that a proposal is to fund an RA to work on the specific project, with the member of staff supervising as part of their RSA time – in which case there may be no specific need for backfill.

The PI should have a discussion with their faculty research support team to get a costing done. They will have the standard rates for ALs and know direct salary costs for RAs etc. to ensure that costings are consistent


Does my project require authorisation via the Converis system?

The University process for authorising all external R&KE funding is via Converis. There is no formal requirement for internal funding to be authorised via this system. It is at the discretion of each Faculty if they wish to capture this information and use Converis to approve the applications prior to submission.

Do I need to seek formal approval for my bid if the University is not using Converis?

You should discuss your application with your Head of Research Centre/Institute/Department and your Assistant Dean Research and Innovation before preparing your application. We strongly recommend that you seek peer support for your proposal in the form of a mentor, critical friend or a peer review group within your area. You can find more information from the University’s peer support policy.