30 January 2018

Key discussion points and outcomes

Performance Report – Risks
Clare Boot informed the Board that Deborah Harry has raised the importance of risk management at Pillar Boards. Clare Boot advised that any future barriers/risks or issues highlighted in the Performance Reports will be captured on a Risk Register including mitigating actions and owners.

The Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan
The Board considered the draft plan and fed back amendments to be made before the next stage of being taken to Faculty Leadership Team and Faculty CK Board meetings for review.

QR Allocation Model
The Board received the paper presenting a model for the allocation of QR funding at SHU and setting out performance assessment and governance arrangements.

The principles were agreed to be correct with the need for further detail in relation to the governance. Once finalised this will come back to the CK Board for approval.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting on 28 November 2017
  3. Performance Report
  4. Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan Document and roll out programme
  5. Draft Budget 18/19
  6. Response to the Industrial Strategy
  7. QR Allocation Model
  8. REF Update (deferred to February meeting)
  9. AOB


Roger Eccleston (Chair), Claire Boot, Doug Cleaver, Wayne Cranton, Steve Johnson, Ann Macaskill, David Morley, Jill Nanson, Davina Porock, Emma Scoffield, Lloyd Snellgrove, Peter Wells, Rachel Parnham (Interim Minute Secretary), and guests presenting items.