28 November 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes

Record of the meeting on 3 October 2017
Steve Johnson will join the Board from January as ADR for SBS.
It was confirmed that there are two committees that report in to Creating Knowledge:
·         Research Ethics Committee
·         Research Degrees Committee
Copies of the Committee meeting minutes will be shared with Roger Eccleston and John Leach.  The Committee Chairs will highlight any items for consideration by Roger and John who will ascertain which items are appropriate to bring to the Creating Knowledge board.
Publications Management System Business Case
The Board received and approved the Business Case to purchase the Symplectic Elements hosted software solution for publications management.
The implementation of the new system is working to the required deadline of July 2018.
Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan update
The Board received a presentation on the emerging Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan ahead of it being presented to ULT on 5 December.
Concordat Action Plan
The Board received the Concordat Action Plan which represents the delivery plan for the people strand of the overall Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan.  The Board will be accountable for the delivery of the Action Plan.  Roger Eccleston and John Leach as PVC Academic Staffing will work with Sally Jackson – Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development representing the Hallam Deal, to ensure that the concordat work aligns to the overall delivery objectives of the Hallam Deal.
Ref Update

The Board received the REF update from Anita Gurney.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting on 3 October 2017
  3. Publications Management System Business Case
  4. Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan update
  5. Concordat Action Plan
  6. Consultancy Incentivisation Proposal
  7. Ref Update
  8. AOB


Roger Eccleston (Chair), Doug Cleaver, Wayne Cranton,John Leach (Co-Chair), David Morley, Jill Nanson, Davina Porock, Emma Scoffield, Lloyd Snellgrove, Peter Wells, Helen Roberts (Secretary) and guests presenting items