Research Institutes update

Following the changes introduced through the Academic Operating Model and the Professional Services Operating Model, we are delighted to announce the launch of the four interdisciplinary Research Institutes as a key element of the Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan and support for growth in research capacity and capability.

The Four Research Institutes are:

  • Culture and Creativity: led by David Cotterrell, Director
  • Health: led by Heidi Probst, Director
  • Industry and Innovation: led by Andy Alderson, Director
  • Social and Economic: led by Sarah Pearson, Director

Research Centres and Departments are structurally located within the Colleges, with the Research Institutes providing leadership for interdisciplinary activity and the delivery of Research and Innovation Services support.

The table below identifies the centres and departments supported by each of the Research Institutes. Centres and departments will be supported by their primary RI, as shown, and are encouraged to work across Institutes as appropriate to ensure effective contribution to delivering the CKIP goals.

The Research Institutes will:

      • Provide support and leadership across research and innovation, working in partnership with college teams to build collaboration across the university, growing excellence, income, quality and impact.
      • Establish a leadership model for research that will deliver a clear, ambitious, one-university research and innovation strategy.
      • Embed a proactive, agile, challenge-led research and innovation culture
      • Provide consistently high-quality professional services, finance support and infrastructure to enable research and innovation development and delivery.
      • Support the development of leading researchers through high level staff development in close collaboration with the Colleges and HROD.
      • Provide support and academic leadership for research degree programmes and ensure a consistent experience for staff and students supervising and undertaking research degrees.

As the RIs become established, research and innovation support will begin transitioning from the former faculty teams into the institutes. Further information will be posted on this site during this transition. In the interim, please continue to work with your local contacts, and for specific queries, please use the contact details as below:

RIS Research Institute inboxes

! RIS Culture & Creativity RI Enquiries

! RIS Health RI Enquiries

! RIS Industry & Innovation RI Enquiries

! RIS Social & Economic RI Enquiries



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