Leadership Bulletin – July 2018

The Creating Knowledge update from the July 2018 Leadership Bulletin, by Roger Eccleston

I, for one, found the Creating Knowledge Conference, that took place on 18 June, to be an encouraging and inspiring event. The doctoral students who were the finalists of the 3 minute thesis competition got the event off to a dynamic start, displaying great flare, competence and tenacity in delivering excellent presentations.  The sessions I attended thereafter were remarkable in terms of the breadth, quality and relevance of the work presented.  I felt proud of the positive impact SHU research makes on the lives of people in the UK and across the globe addressing challenges including issues of justice, equality and social inclusion, lives affected by conflict, environmental issues, wellbeing, food security, educational health… the list goes on.

What was fascinating was seeing these issues addressed from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and the way in which they provided new insights.  I learnt a great deal from the presentations and by the end of the day I was more convinced than ever of the opportunities we have to link disciplines to enhance the impact of our research.  There are clear resonances between research themes, some of which were identified at the conference and led to discussions about potential collaborations.  In the next few weeks we will be opening bids for small funds to help initiate and support inter-disciplinary work to build on the momentum generated at the conference.

Once approved by the CK Board, we will be also publishing The Creating Knowledge Prospectus which will provide details of a range of initiatives to support research and innovation and the delivery of the Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan.

Excerpt from the July 2018 Leadership Bulletin

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