17 May 2018

Key discussion points and outcomes

Lloyd Snellgrove presented a paper to inform Board members of the current status and position of Converis to date.
The Board agreed that the Converis Governance Group needed to be repurposed so the Group looks at all research management systems to ensure robust infrastructure.

Centre for Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology (CEBSAP) Business Case
Peter Wells provided revised details of the centre as requested at the April Pillar Board.
The Board approved the business case. 

CKIP Delivery Structure
The Chair presented an update on the CKIP Delivery Structure.
It is proposed that steering groups for each Platform (CKIP Goal 1) being established.
Roger Eccleston is replacing John Leach as the senior responsible officer for CKIP Goal 6 – ‘Achieve an excellent result for REF2021 & TEF (& KEF)’.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Converis
  3. Record of the meeting 19 April 2018
  4. Centre for Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology (CEBSAP) Business Case
  5. Performance report
    1. Financials
    2. Risks
    3. ULT message
  6. CKIP delivery structure
  7. CK Conference
  8. AOB


Roger Eccleston – Chair, Claire Boot, Doug Cleaver. Martin Conway, Wayne Cranton, Steve Johnson, Ann Macaskill, David Morley, Davina Porock, Emma Scoffield, Lloyd Snellgrove, Peter Wells, Nicola Woodroofe, Rachel Parnham – Acting Minute Secretary.