03 October 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes
Board Chair and Co-Chair
Roger Eccleston and John Leach have been appointed as Board Chair and Co-chair respectively succeeding Paul Harrison.
Terms of Reference and KPIs
The Board Terms of Reference and KPIs were reviewed.  An action was taken to map existing research groups and committees to ensure they are aligned with appropriate governance.
Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan
The Board received a presentation from the Chair for the refreshed vision for delivering the University Strategy Creating Knowledge objectives.  Feedback was welcomed from Board members and the implementation plan will be further developed.
Progress Updates
AWRC – Planning permission has been granted and we are proceeding to purchase the land and sign the contract with the Department of Health. The build is expected to take twelve months.
Innovation Acceleration Fund – The Board were advised that a Business Case has been approved and allocated funding.
Publications Management System Implementation
Following approval at a previous Board, requirements for a publication management system have been captured.  John Leach has been appointed as SRO to work with DTS on the creation of an implementation plan and business case which will be presented to the Board in November.
Health Innovation Campus
The Board were advised that a visioning workshop will be taking place in October.


1.     Apologies for absence
2.     Record of the meeting on 11 July 2017
3.     Terms of Reference and KPIs
4.     Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan
5.     In-flight initiatives: progress update:
              i.        AWRC
             ii.        Innovation Acceleration Fund
            iii.        Publications Management System Procurement
            iv.        Health Innovation Campus
6.     AOB


Roger Eccleston (Chair), John Leach (Co-Chair), Clare Boot, Doug Cleaver, Martin Conway, Wayne Cranton, Christina Hughes, Ann Macaskill, Jill Nanson , Emma Scoffield, Lloyd Snellgrove, Peter Wells, Helen Roberts (Secretary) and guests presenting items