02-May 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes

Health Innovation Audit
The Board were asked to consider the following questions to help develop the vision for the new Health Innovation Campus at the Olympic Legacy Park.

  • What do we mean by ‘health innovation’ at our Health Innovation Campus
  • What impact are we trying to make
  • Who should be there and what will they be doing
  • What questions should we ask next?

Developing our vision for the Health Innovation Campus
The Board also received a presentation on the methodology being applied to an audit of University expertise (skills, knowledge and projects) relating to the development of the new campus. It is expected that the findings of this work will clarify and shape an applied research programme that can be world leading and effective in improving quality of life.​​


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting on 28 April 2017
  3. Health Innovation Audit
  4. Developing our vision for the Health Innovation Campus
  5. Strategic priorities and investments
  6. Industrial Strategy: Connecting Capability Fund
  7. Portfolio support for boards
  8. AOB


Paul Harrison (Chair), Bradley Barnes, Wayne Cranton, Christina Hughes, John Leach, Ann Macaskill, Bernie Marshall, Jill Nanson, Davina Porock, Peter Wells, Chris Husbands, Jo Solecki, Doug Cleaver, Helen Roberts (Secretary)