Training & development

Here we provide information and guidance on training and development opportunities for our course leader community:

Academic Development

Course and Module Delivery – support

There are a number of activities that aim to develop and enhance course and module delivery. We welcome colleagues to join the discussions and provide feedback and share best practice.

Digital Capability

A range of academic development activities and step by step guidance to support:

Curriculum View

Staff Support

  • Mental Health Awareness – designed to give non-specialist staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to offer a first line of support who may have mental health issues. 

Student Support

For a wide range of student support pathways and guidance, please visit Academic EssentialsHallam Resources A-Z section S – supporting our students.

 TALENT – professional recognition scheme

Guidance, workshops, writing retreats, mentoring and support is available for staff applying for:


  • Advance HE Fellowship (Associate, Fellow and Senior Fellow) through our accredited TALENT scheme
  • Principal Fellowship direct to Advance HE
  • National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) awards and the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) through Advance HE 

Please visit the TALENT website or email for more information


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