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Guidance, support and information

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Principles of Effective Course Leadership

The Principles of Effective Course Leadership were developed in collaboration with existing Course Leaders by identifying good practice and successful ways of working and work alongside the role outlines which aim to clarify expectations of the various course leader roles.

Academic Essentials

The academic resources library A-Z provides access to a range of resources for Course Leaders. 

Academic Advising

A range of resources for our Academic Advising community, providing you with an overview of their support for you and your course. 

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An overview of the associated academic resources that support Apprenticeship, Employability and Work-Based Learning.

Assessment and Feedback

For all aspects of the assessment and feedback journey, please visit the Assessment Essential website.  

Coming soon – a revised Assessment Essentials resource with all the up to date guidance and information for the assessment and feedback journey on a new accessible website.  If you’d like to be part of a focus group that reviews this accessible website and feed into its development, please contact Academic Development & Diversity.  


An overview of the information and resources that cover digital capability, skills and support and the tools and guidance on managing Blackboard sites and the functions that support course delivery.

Case Studies

A collection of case studies from our colleagues and covering a number of themes.

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We are currently working with colleagues to develop guidance and resources for those colleagues who work with collaborative partners.

In September 2020, the Directorate of Global Development & Partnerships hosted a Collaborative Course Leaders Forum and here are a collection of videos highlighting the work and collaborations from colleagues across the university;

Contacts and Communications

Here we present information on the range of methods used to communicate with your course leader community and the wider academic community. 

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Course Improvement Plans (CIPs)

Curriculum View/Catalogue (SITS)

You can find a range of information and resources on Academic Essentials: support for course and module design and delivery page to support the use of Curriculum View/Catalogue (SITS).

Disabled Students

You can find a range of information and resources on Academic Essentials: Supporting our Students page for your disabled students and those with Learning Contracts. 

Events and Activities

Information on upcoming events and activities along with access to past resources and materials.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Here we present a wide range of EDI related guidance and information. This includes the university’s strategic position to resources and materials to support inclusive course design and delivery.  


Many of our Course Leaders have asked  “How do I know what I need to know?” Visit the FAQs page. If you’d like to contribute to this section with some of the Q&As that you’ve come across, please contact the Academic Development & Diversity Team.

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Take a look at our Academic Advising GDPR guidance which provides you with an overview of how to supporting students and the process on how to manage their personal, confidential information. 

Hallam Guild

The Hallam Guild is a cross-university community of staff and students with shared goals and common interests, working together to develop a culture of educational excellence in the university, by building expertise and sharing best practice.

Hallam Welcome

Take a look at Academic Essentials: support for course and module design and delivery page for an overview of all the Hallam Welcome information and resources to support your student induction planning and delivery. 

Inclusive Practice

Covering guidance and providing resources on;

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Next Steps

Is a simple, user friendly, digital tool that is designed to support students transition to their next level of study, or graduation by providing them with key information and resources based on their level of study and their level of confidence. Read more about this on our Supporting our Students overview page. 

Supporting your Students

Visit the Academic Essentials: Supporting our Students page which covers the student support triangle information and other student support routes including a library of student support services A-Z. 

Training and Development

Here we provide information and guidance on training and development opportunities for our course leader community.

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Last updated:  27th August 2021 – NB