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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our Course Leaders have asked:

“How do I know what I need to know?”

Following our Course Leader Fest in December 2018, some of our colleagues have presented their current challenges and are wanting you, the community, to provide them with some answers!

Please send us your comments and ideas via Academic Development & Diversity.

Q – I’m a collaborative course leader for a non-franchised course – how can I best support my students/colleagues/partners within the current climate of course leadership at Hallam?

Let us have your thoughts and ideas!

Q – I’m a new course leader – at the moment there is no structured induction so what top 5 tips can you give me within my first few weeks of the role?

The University ran its first Course Leader Induction events in the summer of 2019. Visit the events and activities page for information on what feedback our new course leaders gave us!

Q – What systems are in place for a course leader to access information about my course / modules and students?

Visit Academic Essentials: support for course and module design and delivery – curriculum view/catalogue (SITS) section for details of the systems that support your course/modules and provide student data. 

Q – I’d love to know who my poor attendees are without having to spend hours collating various registers – is there anything automated or best practice out there?

Following the Shaping Futures Board July 2019 the University announced their new Student Attendance and Engagement Policy which will incorporate a new process of attendance monitoring.

Q – I’m wanting to become a Course Leader – what CPD would I need to progress?

The University ran its first Course Leader Induction events in the summer of 2019 for those who were new to the role within the last 12 months or were interested in becoming a course leader and wanted to see if the role was right for them. More information about these events can be found on the events and activities page.