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March 10, 2021

Spotlight On: Staff and Students: Digital Capabilities

Welcome to our Spotlight On Series.

Blog Posts that aim to highlight good practice and support from colleagues at Hallam.


Today: Staff and Students: Digital Capabilities.

MS Teams – not just another tool

Richard McCarter, Jason Ruffell and Iain Thompson Digital Learning Team, SETL.

MS Teams was introduced at the start of the academic year to be used as a course community building tool – to partly give a student voice to the student experience but also to provide a resource where students can participate in co-curricular activities, information that students would not find in Blackboard, or just simply to be part of a community.  In this Course Leader Fest 2020 session, participants looked at MS Teams functionality and its value to both staff and students as a way to encourage course building and some ideas for encouraging community participation.  Participants were shown ways that the tools can fit with our perception of the course community.

Take a look at;

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