New! Introducing Blackboard Annotate

Introducing Blackboard Annotate

The current inline grading tool in Blackboard, New Box View, will be replaced by Bb Annotate, a more comprehensive annotation tool with a wide array of features.

Our transition to Bb Annotate will begin on August 10. After Bb Annotate is switched on, it will work immediately for newly submitted assignments. Previously submitted assignments with existing Box View comments and annotations will be converted to the Bb Annotate format during the week, finishing August 14.

Bb Annotate offers a suite of commenting and drawing options on a range of text, presentation, and image file types (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and Open Office documents). Annotations include comment boxes, text added directly on the page, free-hand drawings, highlight text (with optional comments), shapes and stamps. There are also options to move, edit and change the appearance of annotations, including font, size, colour and thickness.

In early September, a personal content library will be introduced allowing each instructor to keep their own bank of re-usable comments which they can use across assignments on all their Blackboard sites.

Bb Annotate provides options to help you navigate and adjust the view of the document. A sidebar view displays a thumbnail view of the submission and a list of all annotations. You can search for specific text, jump to a specific page, zoom in and out of the submission or adjust the view to fit the page, the width or the best fit.

There will be a staff development session on Bb Annotate on 20th August as part of Digital Thursdays which will be recorded. Blackboard have a help page about using Bb Annotate which includes video. For further support with Bb Annotate please use the Digital Learning drop-in room (using the Chrome browser) or email