Highly Skilled Employment (HSE) – update!

The implementation of the Highly Skilled Employment (HSE) Plan continues, with course teams currently using the wealth of support locally and centrally to review and update module content at Level 5 and 6 to align this ambition. 

If you haven’t done so already, please familiarise yourself with the information on each of the component parts of the HSE ambition, along with relevant resources, which are now available via the HSE site which now forms part of the Teaching and Assessment Essentials academic resources. 

Faculty Approval Panels are scheduled for November to complete the curriculum design process which is being managed within faculties and departments. 

Departments have now submitted their Employer Advisory Board (EAB) implementation plans, which will help to both revolutionise our approach to the curriculum and drive improved graduate outcomes. A number of EABs already run across Hallam and have had a fantastic impact in many areas. They will now be established and aligned to every course across the University during 2019/20.