Charles Street

Building Information Guide for Charles Street.


Sustainability Cycling Page.

Car Parking

The Charles Street development has no dedicated parking spaces but is served well by the parking available in the city centre. For further information, please visit our Car Parking page.

Parking spaces and bike racks are available to view on the City Campus map.

There will be facilities for staff and students cycling to and from Charles Street and a bike rack with 16 spaces is situated outside of Charles Street.
For further information on cycling, please visit the Sustainability Cycling Page.

Public Transport

There will be public transport information available on a plasma screen in the reception of Charles Street. We have obtained a bespoke link from South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, which will display real time information on the buses leaving the interchange. This was done to fulfil a BREEAM requirement to encourage staff to use public transport to travel to work, instead of using their car.