Charles Street

Building Information Guide for Charles Street.

Booking a Room

Web Room Bookings

WEB ROOM BOOKINGS: Click on this link to go to the web room bookings site.
WEB ROOM BOOKINGS USER GUIDE: Click on this link to find more information on using the web room bookings system.

Please remember that failure to cancel a booking will mean that you are holding space that someone else may need to use.
Currently you can only edit a booking by cancelling the original and starting again.
If the booking cannot be confirmed you will be emailed to inform you that the booking cannot be made and the reason for this. You will then need to look for an alternative through the web booking system.

Please also note that SRMT retain the right to confirm or not confirm any booking, as well as reserving the right to change a booking if necessary. In all instances, the person who has booked the room will be notified by email.

If you require catering, please ensure that you highlight ‘C-Catering’ under ‘Equipment and Room Type’.   If you would like to check what catering is available in which room please check the Catering Intranet Page.

Please note: The Helpdesk ext. 4444 is the first port of call to book hospitality or to make any changes.

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