Charles Street

Building Information Guide for Charles Street.

Bookable Rooms

AV Facilities – A detailed list of the AV Facilities available in Charles Street will be available to view soon.

The following spaces are available to book via Web Room Bookings.

Bookable Meeting Rooms - Charles Street

NameDescriptionCapacityDepartments available to. A/V
CharlesSt-1.01Meeting Room 16All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-1.03Meeting Room 9All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-1.07Interview Room4D&S Drop-in.TBC.
CharlesSt-1.08Interview Room4D&S onlyTBC.
CharlesSt-1.09Interview Room4D&S onlyTBC.
CharlesSt-3.04Meeting Room 8D&S only. TBC.
CharlesSt-3.07Interview Room
4All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-3.08Interview Room
4All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-3.09Interview Room
8All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-3.12Meeting Room 8D&S only. TBC.
CharlesSt-3.13Meeting Room 8D&S only. TBC.
CharlesSt-4.03Meeting Room 12All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-4.07Meeting Room 8D&S only. TBC.
CharlesSt-4.09Interview Room
4All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-4.10Interview Room
4All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-4.11Interview Room
4All University.TBC.
CharlesSt-4.15Meeting Room 8D&S only. TBC.
CharlesSt-5.10Pod A4D&S Drop-in. TBC.
CharlesSt-5.10Pod B 4D&S Drop-inTBC.

Please be mindful that the next meeting may require changes to the room layout; therefore meetings should end on time to avoid further delays.

Please ensure all hospitality and used flipchart paper is removed. After use please return the room to its original layout.

Meeting Room Etiquette
Please leave rooms as you would like to find them.

Please remove used hospitality and used flip chart paper on leaving the meeting room. A professional image is required at all times as other users in SHU can book the meeting rooms

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