Charles Street

Building Information Guide for Charles Street.

IS&T / Audio-Visual

AV in meeting rooms will be updated for Charles Street.

User Guides

Please see the IS&T Guidelines for new users, which provides a beginner’s checklist for SHU WAY, here:  New User Checklist.
There is also further details on the equipment and the overall SHU WAY project through IT Help.

For further information on how to use Jabber, please see this user guide:  JABW_QuickStartGuide_10-5

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  • What is SHU WAY? Is it just a new telephone system?

Yes and no.  The University’s telephone system is old and needs replacing.  SHU WAY will give us the things we use now – voice calls, voicemail and web conferencing – alongside more sophisticated features, such as instant messaging and integration with our calendar and email system.

  • What does it mean for me?

It will give you more control and greater flexibility in the way you work.  The new system is available on a range of devices and the features it offers will allow you work easily from different places around the University or from off campus.  It will provide more choice in the way you contact people and you will be able to pick up voicemail messages instantly through your outlook inbox, rather having to wait until you can call into a voicemail message box.

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