Charles Street

Building Information Guide for Charles Street.

Conservation and Sustainability

Conservation and Sustainability Overview

In line with the University’s Sustainability Strategy, the building has been built to BREEAM standards and we are targeting it to achieve a rating of “Very Good”.

The sustainable features that will help to achieve this rating are:

  • a smart building management system which controls thermal comfort and lighting as well as minimising energy usage
  • occupancy and daylight sensors for light and ventilation
  • low energy cooling and demand-led ventilation
  • heat recovery from the ventilation via thermal wheels
  • renewable energies including photovoltaic panels
  • heating obtained via the local district heating network
  • green roof technologies

An ecological assessment has been undertaken for this project (Charles Street BREEAM Assessment) and measures are being put in place to improve the biodiversity where possible within the constraints of the city centre location.

There will be public transport information available on a plasma screen in the reception of Charles Street. We have obtained a bespoke link from South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, which will display real time information on the buses leaving the interchange. This was done to fulfil a BREEAM requirement to encourage staff to use public transport to travel to work, instead of using their car.

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