Entretiens – Perspectives contemporaines sur les publications d’artistes – Featuring Dr Sharon Kivland

Cover image of Entretiens, featuring interview with Sharon Kivland

This book brings together twenty-three interviews with twenty-five artists who make publishing an artistic practice. In a context where artists’ publications arouse the interest of many actors in the field of art, it is a question of offering contemporary perspectives on this phenomenon, marked by a tension between the alternative positions and the research of institutional recognition. The words of […]

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Dr Sharon Kivland’s work exhibited in ‘In Quotes: Collage and Assemblage in Contemporary Art’ at Norwich University of the Arts

Photos by Sharon Kivland - In Quotes exhibition at East Gallery Norwich UoA

In Quotes, an exhibition at East Gallery, Norwich University of the Arts, presents works by an exciting range of contemporary artists working with collage and assemblage across generations. Sheffield Hallam University Reader of Fine Art, Dr Sharon Kivland features in the exhibition as she explores the representation of women through her work MOI in which the straplines of a number […]

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Freud on Holiday Appendix V: ‘Freud’s Views’ – Dr Sharon Kivland

Front cover of 'Freud's Views' by Dr Sharon Kivland

Almost every year Sigmund Freud went on holiday, often accompanied by his brother Alexander, an expert on railway transport, timetables, and travel tariffs. Freud made a distinction between the holidays he spent with his family during the month of August, usually in the Alps, and those voyages he took later, most often in September, with complicated itineraries. Freud prepared carefully […]

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The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin – Edited by Dr Sharon Kivland and Helen Clarke

Front cover of 'The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin' edited by Sharon Kivland

In A Berlin Chronicle Walter Benjamin describes his autobiography as a space to be walked (indeed, it is a labyrinth, with entrances he calls primal acquaintances). The contributors to The Lost Diagrams respond to the invitation to accompany Benjamin in reproducing the web of connections of his diagram, which, once lost (he was inconsolable), was never fully redrawn. They translate […]

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Emptiness & Silence. A Supplement to Reading Nana – Dr Sharon Kivland

Photograph of Dr Sharon Kivland's 'Emptiness &Silence. A Supplement to Reading Nana' courtesy of the author.

Sharon Kivland’s Emptiness & Silence. A Supplement to Reading Nana, follows READING NANA. An experimental novel, in which Emile Zola’s novel Nana is re-read and re-written, ghost-written, condensed according to soft furnishings, lighting effects (including metaphor), other women, death and dying, cats, anti-semitism, money, odour, and many other categories. In Emptiness & Silence she abstracts references to disappearance, deafness, desertion, […]

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Dr Sharon Kivland (Fine Art) to perform at ‘DEEP ANGER TRUE LOVE TENDER CARE’ at The Horse Hospital, London on 15 July 2017

Still from Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley’s video titled MOISTURIZING - Property of Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley

Dr Sharon Kivland, Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, has been invited to perform as part of a screening and performance event entitled DEEP ANGER TRUE LOVE TENDER CARE at The Horse Hospital in London on 15 July 2017. DEEP ANGER TRUE LOVE TENDER CARE The Horse Hospital Colonnade Bloomsbury London WC1N 1JD 15 July 2017 Self-defence workshop […]

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Dr Sharon Kivland’s ‘Armel Beaufils, le Regard des femmes’ exhibition opens 01 July

Exhibition invitation image for Armel Beaufils, le Regard des femmes (courtesy of Sharon Kivland, SHU)

As part of the Festival d’art, the commune of Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, which holds a significant collection of works by the sculptor Armel Beaufils (1882-1952) has invited the artist and SHU’s Reader of Fine Art Dr Sharon Kivland to curate an exhibition based on this collection, titled Armel Beaufils, le Regard des femmes. The project highlights an exceptional but little-known collection, and […]

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Dr Sharon Kivland (Fine Art) invited to present at The Conceptual Poetics Day of Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair – 15 July 2017

Miss Read Book Fair logo (property of Miss Read Book Fair berlin)

SHU Reader of Fine Art Dr Sharon Kivland will present at this year’s Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair on their Conceptual Poetics Day, taking place in Berlin on Saturday 15 July. The Conceptual Poetics Day is an annual event that explores the imaginary border between visual art and literature. The event will also feature readings, talks and performances […]

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