Why Not Associates – Exhibition at the Head Post Office opens with private viewing – Friday 24 November 2017

Why Not Associates logo

Why Not Associates is a British multi-disciplinary design studio with a world-wide reputation, who believe that compelling communication demands an element of surprise, whether it’s for postage stamps or public art, TV idents or cultural institutions. WNA has been at the vanguard of British graphic design for the past three decades. Inventive and irreverent, progressive and provocative, their output is […]

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‘Re-thinking thinking in Art & Design education’: Joanne Lee to speak at symposium at UWE Bristol – 03 November 2017

Composite image of Rethinking Thinking symposium banner, UWE Bristol logo and VCRG logo

Joanne Lee (Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at SHU) will speak at a symposium entitled Re-thinking Thinking in Art and Design Education: thoughts on/from/with creative practice with the aim to explore the location and practice of thinking in art and design education and what it means to integrate thinking and making, theory and practice. The symposium, organised by UWE Bristol […]

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Joanne Lee (Graphic Design) collaborates on multi-lingual collective writing project ‘Replay’ in Finland – August 2017

Image taken from Pro Artibus 'Replay' page

Update: 24 August 2017 Yleisradio (YLE), having now studio recorded all of the participants reading the texts written during this project, are developing a documentary for broadcast in the coming months. A video of the public reading in the town square of Ekenäs/Tammisaari (as the area is bilingual Swedish/Finnish the town has two different names) can be found here. The […]

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Researcher Blog by Joanne Lee: Neepsend Lane and the relationship between art practice and place

Joanne Lee, Neepsend1, 2017

About the author Joanne Lee is a senior lecturer in Graphic Design in the Art & Design Research Centre (ADRC). Much of her research develops through a serial publication, the Pam Flett Press, which explores the visual, verbal and temporal possibilities of ‘essaying’ the everyday.   Joanne was recently invited to take part in Practising Place, an event curated by […]

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Joanne Lee presenting ‘The Good Place That Is No Place’ at University of Cumbria and University of Derby

Still from The Good Place That Is No Place by Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, has been invited to present her photographic essay The Good Place That Is No Place at two upcoming conferences: Cities, Communities and Homes: Is the Urban Future Livable?, a conference organised by the University of Derby and Architecture, Media, Politics, Society (AMPS) between 22 and 23 June 2017. Find out more here. Visualising […]

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Joanne Lee invited to participate in multilingual writing project in Finland between 14 and 18 August 2017

Joanne Lee (Senior Lecturer of Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University) has been invited by Finnish artistic researcher Dr Lena Séraphin to participate in a multilingual writing project in Finland between 14 and 18 August 2017. This is supported by The Pro Artibus foundation, a non-profit organization situated in Ekenäs / Tammisaari (on the coast west of Helsinki) and will […]

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Joanne Lee invited to participate in communal art project ‘It Grows Like a Strange Flower’ on 24 June 2017

Image courtesy of Bloc Projects - of Ben Judd's 'It Grows Like a Strange Flower' featuring Joanne Lee

Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design Joanne Lee will be participating in a communal art project titled It Grows Like a Strange Flower between 24 and 25 June. The project has been commissioned by Sheffield-based gallery Bloc Projects and features artist Ben Judd. Ben Judd is an artist based in London and has been commissioned to produce an offsite project within […]

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Wednesday 07 June 2017 – Lunchtime seminar with Joanne Lee (Visual Communication, SHU) and Rosemary Shirley (Art History & Curating, Manchester Metropolitan University)

Image courtesy of Joanne Lee, SHU - fly tipping/litter

Speakers: Joanne Lee (Visual Communication, SHU) and Rosemary Shirley (Art History and Curating, Manchester Metropolitan University) Title: Littered Landscapes Joanne Lee (Visual Communication, SHU) and Rosemary Shirley (Art History and Curating, Manchester Metropolitan University) invite you to a lunchtime seminar about ‘Littered Landscapes’ With its multiple causes, varied material substance, persistent mobility and enduring legacy, litter is a subject that […]

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Friday 24 March – Make.Practice.Perfect at CVAN East Midlands Annual Event features talk on procrastination by Joanne Lee (Graphic Design, SHU)

Banner images for event Make.Practice.Perfect by CVAN East Midlands

Joanne Lee, photographer, writer, researcher and publisher and Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University will be speaking at Make.Practice.Perfect. at The Collection, Lincoln on the topic of Procrastination: preparation, perfection and excuses. Find out more about Joanne’s work here.   Make.Practice.Perfect. Annual Event Friday 24 March 2017 10AM – 5PM The Collection & Usher Gallery, Lincoln LN2 1LP How do […]

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Neubau Forst Catalogue – Features contribution from Paul Heys

Front cover of Neubau Forst Catalogue, edited by Neubau

Neubau Forst Catalogue is a 432-page print catalogue of a digital collection of tree silhouettes and sculptures seen at different seasons. Working by hand, the Neubau designers digitally removed the trees from their original Berlin surroundings and thereby crafted a body of visual material whose scope, outstanding quality of detail and excellent image resolution sets it clearly apart from conventional […]

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