Tuesday 11 November 2014 – Lunchtime seminar with Warren Neidich, Artist

Title: Remapping Dissensus in Cognitive Capitalism: The Glossary of Cognitive Activism Speaker: Warren Neidich Warren Neidich is a Berlin and Los Angeles-based post-conceptual artist and theorist who exposes the interfaces between Marxist inspired cultural production and its interrelationship to the brain and cognitive capitalism to produce an Emancipatory Materialism. His interdisciplinary anarchic experimental works combine photographic and video elements, Internet […]

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Wednesday 15 October 2014 – Lunchtime seminar with Dr Becky Shaw (Fine Art, SHU)

Title: Critical Care: the position of artist and patient in artworks made in care contexts Speaker: Dr Becky Shaw I explore the relationship between individual and society through live artworks made in care, education and production contexts. Works are made through rigorous responsiveness to situation, with no prior known outcome. I teach undergraduate creative art practice and MA Fine Art […]

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Transmission Annual #4: Labour, Work, Action

Cover of Transmission #4 - Labour, Work, Action

Transmission Annual #4: Labour, Work, Action is framed by Hannah Arendt’s reflections on three important themes of human agency. Arendt refused to be called a philosopher, for philosophy, she said, deals with the singular, while she addressed the plural, that humans not man inhabit the world. She proposes that freedom is constructed in community, in common space, and it is […]

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Freud on Holiday Volume IV – A Cavernous Defile, Part 1

Cover of Freud on Holiday IV - A Cavernous Defile Part I, courtesy of Sharon Kivland

‘Kivland invites us to go on Holiday, with Freud: up mountains, we walk; through streets, along the lake. We pick mushrooms. We go on adventures. Sometimes, we lose our way home. We digress. Interweaving meticulous historical research, Kivland’s own retracing of Freud’s steps, and her personal memories. This is a creative reimagining not just of Freud on Holiday, but of […]

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