‘The Immense Ventriloquism’ – TC McCormack’s exhibition opens in Berlin – Friday 01 December

Image courtesy of TC McCormack

TC McCormack, Senior Lecturer of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, will be opening an exhibition titled The Immense Ventriloquism this Friday in Berlin. Taking place at nationalmuseum, the exhibition considers how our man-made structures exist both in and out of time, and how the course of history continually reappraises objects, resources and even nature. The Immense Ventriloquism – TC […]

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Why Not Associates – Exhibition at the Head Post Office opens with private viewing – Friday 24 November 2017

Why Not Associates logo

Why Not Associates is a British multi-disciplinary design studio with a world-wide reputation, who believe that compelling communication demands an element of surprise, whether it’s for postage stamps or public art, TV idents or cultural institutions. WNA has been at the vanguard of British graphic design for the past three decades. Inventive and irreverent, progressive and provocative, their output is […]

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Prof Keith Wilson’s co-curated exhibition: Block Party shows Peter Krashes’ paintings in New York’s James Gallery (Reviews)

Summer Streets by Peter Krashes

Block Party: an exhibition linking the practices of painting and of activism points out the problematic of actions that can be consumed, ignored, and considered irrelevant by those in official political power through displaying the work of Peter Krashes. This show attracted a number of favourable reviews which available on the links below: 1) Huffington Post, 25 October 2017. Reviewed by G. Roger […]

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‘New Domestic Landscapes’ – Professor Paul Chamberlain opens exhibition in Prague exploring the geographical shift of healthcare

Banner image of New Domestic Landscapes exhibition by Paul Chamberlain at Galerie UM in Prague

Professor Paul Chamberlain, Professor of Design and head of the Art & Design Research Centre at SHU, will be opening an exhibition titled New Domestic Landscapes at Galerie UM in Prague on 26 October 2017, running until 02 December. It is an exploration of the implications of the geographical shift of healthcare and the culture and practice of health interventions […]

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‘Charivaria’ – Professor Lise Autogena’s ‘Foghorn Requiem’ on show in Madrid at exhibition exploring the use of sound in public spaces

A REQUIEM FOR THE FOGHORN, PERFORMED BY SEVENTY FIVE BRASS PLAYERS, A FOGHORN AND AN ARMADA OF SHIPS A project by Danish artist, Lise Autogena, in collaboration with Joshua Portway and composer Orlando Gough. Ships horns from an armada of vessels off-shore, seventy five brass players on-shore and the Souter Lighthouse Foghorn performed a Foghorn Requiem, an ambitious musical performance to mark the disappearance of the sound of the foghorn from the UK's coastal landscape. Conducted and controlled from a distance, ships at sea sounded their horns to a musical score, that will took into account landscape and the physical distance of sound. The performance took place by Souter Light House by South Shields, UK with thousands of spectators and more than 50 ships off-shore. Image from Lise Autogena, with superimposed Centro Madrid logo

Professor Lise Autogena‘s Foghorn Requiem features in Charivaria, an exhibition taking place at Centro Cibeles de Cultura y Ciudadania in Madrid this winter. The exhibition opened on 06 October 2017 and closes 28 January 2018. Exploring the use of sound throughout history and its role in society, communication and art, the exhibition Charivaria investigates the use of sound as a […]

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‘Hard Engineering: Propositions for Future Ruins’ – Exhibition in Lisbon curated by and featuring Julie Westerman’s work

Banner for Hard Engineering exhibition (with Julie Westerman), Lisbon

Immaterial structures and material products are invariably subject to physical decay and social decline – no matter how grandiose or technologically advanced they might be. This exhibition explores sites of urban development and transformation to consider how we navigate and repurpose the future ruins of our urban surroundings. Hard Engineering – Propositions for Future Ruins is an exhibition curated by […]

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‘COM ∩∪ TIES’ – Exhibition in Brussels features work by Professor Esther Johnson – Opening 22 September

Still from Professor Esther Johnson's 'Hinterland', and Com Nu Ties logo (from Argos/ISELP)

Two Brussels institutions, Argos and ISELP, have teamed-up to organise a large-scale exhibition on the theme of what community means in the modern day, what thresholds must be crossed and how we define ‘community’. Professor of Film & Media Arts Esther Johnson will feature in this dual exhibition contemplating the implicit complexity of the theme of community, defined by four […]

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Dr Sharon Kivland’s work exhibited in ‘In Quotes: Collage and Assemblage in Contemporary Art’ at Norwich University of the Arts

Photos by Sharon Kivland - In Quotes exhibition at East Gallery Norwich UoA

In Quotes, an exhibition at East Gallery, Norwich University of the Arts, presents works by an exciting range of contemporary artists working with collage and assemblage across generations. Sheffield Hallam University Reader of Fine Art, Dr Sharon Kivland features in the exhibition as she explores the representation of women through her work MOI in which the straplines of a number […]

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Block Party – Exhibition opens 15 September displaying Peter Krashes’ work in New York’s James Gallery – Co-organised by Professor Keith Wilson

Summer Streets by Peter Krashes

Block Party is an exhibition linking the practices of painting and of activism points out the problematic of actions that can be consumed, ignored, and considered irrelevant by those in official political power through displaying the work of Peter Krashes. The exhibition has been organised by Professor Keith Wilson of Sheffield Hallam University’s Art & Design Research Centre in collaboration […]

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‘Simulated Heritage Laboratory’ at KH7 Aarhus – exhibition by Michelle Atherton and Col McCormack open until July 24

Image of the exhibition space at KH7 Aarhus for Dirty Magic by Michelle Atherton and TC McCormack. Image courtesy of TC McCormack.

Michelle Atherton (Fine Art, SHU) and TC McCormack (Fine Art, SHU) in collaboration with Danish artist Jette Gejl will be resident at KH7artspace in Denmark for a period of eight days working on a new project entitled the Simulated Heritage Laboratory. Simulated Heritage Laboratory KH7 Aarhus, Denmark 2.30PM – 4PM daily 17 July 2017 – 24 July 2017 This is […]

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