‘Breturn’: Rose Butler’s to give artist’s talk and exhibit work as part of festival in Brno on 16/17 November

Still from Rose Butler's 'The Fairs' with details of Breturn festival in Brno

Rose Butler, senior lecturer and Fine Art research scholar, will be exhibiting her dual-screen short film The Fairs at Breturn at Kabinet Múz on 16 and 17 November. Rose will also be giving an artist’s talk at the Faculty of Fine Arts (FAVU) in Brno.

The Fair, filmed from the quiet edges of a city centre car park in Sheffield, presents a fairground ride appearing and then disappearing behind old industrial buildings and the John Lewis department store. As the arm rotates we hear the people on the ride screaming. The film evokes questions of escape, control, voyeurism, immersion and complicity.

Breturn – a short festival of theatre, music, art and anarchy
Kabinet Múz
602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
For tickets see here

Breturnunexpected encounters; irreverent dialogues; witty criticism & collaboration in a time of crisis

As a pilot (in the hope of greater things to come), Kabinet Múz is hosting a weekend of cultural imports from the sorry state of Britain. Variably conceived as ‘a love Letter to Europe’ and ‘a festival of love and hope’, the organisers have settled on an eclectic list of extraordinary artists and performers to trailblaze a path for future collaboration.

The festival seeks to show solidarity over division and champion love over hate. Breturn welcomes Artists who have stepped out of their comfort zones in order to find new languages, challenge assumptions or simply to learn new things.

NASA and music, art and war, film, photography, new media and interactive installations, will join with Kabinet Múz as prodigal children, uneasy bedfellows and welcome companions…

Rose Butler is an artist, researcher and senior lecturer of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, she works with video, photography, sound, animation and installation. She is a Doctoral Researcher registered in C3RI and sponsored by the SHU Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Scheme. She is also a board member of Bloc Projects and a freelance artist mentor. Find out more about Rose’s work here.