Professor Lise Autogena to speak at the ESRC Seminar ‘NUCLEAR FUTURES: Re-making sociotechnical research agendas’ – The Showroom Cinema, 11 September 2018

An image of a landfill by the sea, from overhead.

Professor Lise Autogena will be speaking at the ESRC Seminar NUCLEAR FUTURES: Re-making sociotechnical research agendas at The Showroom Cinema on Tuesday 11 September 2018.

In July 2014 the UK Government White Paper Implementing Geological Disposal was published. To date, information gathering, dialogue activities, working groups and consultations have gone towards revising and refining the policy framework for “managing higher activity waste in the long term through geological disposal”.

Since 2016 the Nuclear Futures programme has gathered academics from a variety of social and technical sciences alongside participants from nuclear industry,  consultancy, government and independent parties. The project’s final seminar will consider what needs to be remembered from the past and explore the immediate and medium term next-steps in radioactive waste management & disposal, as the UK GDF siting process prepares to launch.

The meeting will include talks, round table discussions, film screening and other audio-visual materials as resources to structure debate and generate plans. Participants will gather from Belgium, Finland and the UK.

Lise Autogena is a Professor of Cross Disciplinary Art at Sheffield Hallam University’s Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute. Find out more about Lise’s work here.

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