The Design Journal Vol. 21 issue 3, edited by Paul Atkinson

Design Journal Vol 21 issue 3
Title:The Design Journal
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Prof Paul Atkinson
Associate editor:Prof Louise Valentine
Editorial assistant:Kirsty Christer
Print ISSN:1460-6925
Online ISSN: 1756-3062
Published: 6 times per year

Accurate communication is obviously important in all aspects of life, but especially so in design. At every stage of the process, from research to concept generation, through design development to proposed solutions, production and testing, complex issues need to be communicated to a wide range of people coming from a range of different backgrounds, all with their own terminology, perspectives and agendas. The potential for miscommunication is huge.

In his editorial It’s the Way I tell them, editor Paul Atkinson describes how the articles in this issue all touch on, in one way or another, this issue of communication. The issue also include six articles and a book review.