‘Beyond Discipline’ – Week long lecture programme exploring dissolving disciplines and cross-/multi-disciplinarity at SHU this January

Spiral staircase at HPO

BEYOND DISCIPLINE – 8-12 January 2018 – exploits in cross- and multi-disciplinary practice

Creativity transcends disciplines, often with unexpectedly successful results and there is a distinct zeitgeist at the moment which is that boundaries and definitions of what it means to be a creative are blurring. Today’s artists and designers studios are reconfiguring the landscape, disciplines are dissolving and many contemporary practitioners now defy classification. Beyond Discipline is the inaugural week-long lecture programme with keynote delivered by leading international practitioners and theorists who welcome, celebrate and work in cross and multidisciplinary ways.

Monday 08 – Friday 12 January 2018
Various locations around Sheffield Hallam University
Tickets and programme available here.

Lise Autogena, Professor of Cross Disciplinary Art at Sheffield Hallam University’s Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute, will be giving one of the lectures on Tuesday 09 January.

Her work often features lengthy and complex development phases involving forming diverse communities of artists, business people, scientists, and children, who come together to work on each project. She says:

From the outset, I am often not sure whether it will be possible to realise my rather Utopian projects. I nevertheless commit years of research and development. Risk is an important part of my work, and the long term potential of my projects is important to me.

Autogena is probably best known for the Sound Mirrors project inspired by the derelict acoustic mirrors at Denge, England which aims to create two new sound mirrors on the coast of England with France which will enable people on either side of the English Channel to speak to each other. Other recent projects include; Foghorn Requiem, a musical performance to mark the disappearance of the foghorn from the UK’s coastal landscape. Conducted from afar, the requiem is performed by the Souter Lighthouse Foghorn, three brass bands and an armada of vessels at sea, sounding their horns over great distances, in accordance with a musical score and, The Thor Heyerdahl Globe, a spherical LED “globe” and visualisation platform for live global information connected to climate change and migration.

Professor Lise Autogena is an artist and a Professor of Cross-Disciplinary Art at the Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University. Find out more about her work here.