The table provides an overview on the work streams and focus of the BaGU Board (click on the table to access a larger printable version)



The information below is from the Strategy Implementation Plan, sitting alongside the ten immediate priorities and the key deliverables of the other three pillar boards.


Our vision is to be the world’s leading applied university, achieving outstanding outcomes for our students and our city, and showing the world what a university genuinely focused on transforming lives can achieve.

In order to achieve this we need to build a great University and our success depends on our professionalism and quality right across the organisation.


  • an outstanding environment in which to study, research and work
  • organisational arrangements which enable us to respond quickly and effectively to new opportunities
  • reduced complexity which allows staff to concentrate on securing excellence consistently across the University
  • an ability to attract and retain the best people, embracing diversity, investing in our staff and creating an exciting workplace of shared expertise
  • a sustainable approach to our operating environment where we invest in the long term as well as addressing short term needs

Deliverables 2017-2019

  • implementing streamlined governance structures and decision making designed to support strong leadership and delivery of the strategy
  • developing and implementing a new operating model for professional and support services across the University designed to strengthen the impact and coherence of our work across both central and faculty-based teams
  • creating an outstanding environment in which to study, research and work through committing to increased diversity in our academic and professional community; building career development routes; developing a new “Hallam Deal” with our staff, setting out both the University’s commitment to and investment in its staff, as well as what the University should expect in return; delivering a long term vision and plan for our physical and digital estates
  • increasing commercial and other non-tuition fee income 
  • raising our institutional profile and engaging staff, students and stakeholders to support our strategic ambitions
  • developing a financial plan to enable the University strategy and the defined changes