The Building a Great University hub

Our vision is to be the world’s leading applied university, achieving outstanding outcomes for our students and our city, and showing the world what a university genuinely focused on transforming lives can achieve.

In order to achieve this we need to build a great University and our success depends on our professionalism and quality right across the organisation.

You can find out more about the Building a Great University portfolio and the associated work streams alongside the Implementation Plan which includes the vision, outcomes and deliverable to 2020 in the About section.

We hope you enjoy using the new hub and find it easy to navigate. A brief description of the different areas of the site is provided below.

If you have any queries, cannot find what you are looking for or have suggestions for improvements please email ! Strategy.

  • Staff Intranet – links directly back to the main staff intranet page
  • Strategy Home – links directly back to the main Transforming Lives homepage
  • Building a Great University – all the latest news from Building a Great University will be posted here including
    • board summaries
    • Building a Great University excerpts from Leadership Bulletin or other overarching strategy communications
    • updates from any of the work stream projects and programmes of work as they become available
  • Pillars – links to all the pillar hubs
  • About – provides the Portfolio table showing current work streams alongside the vision, outcomes and three year deliverables as set out in the Implementation Plan
  • Work streams – a new addition to the pillar hubs that is under development that will provide further information on the projects and programmes of work.
  • Board Summaries – published following each monthly board meeting
  • Key Dates – a calendar showing board meeting dates, the preceding deadline for papers and any other dates relating to the work streams activity.
  • Documents – details of the strategic portfolio management of the pillar, and how to raise agenda items/submit papers including the cover sheet template, as well as links to reporting templates and the board membership (within Terms of Reference)

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