17 October 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes

Committee Reports
INVIC – met for the first time in September and endorsed two business cases: the Atrium re-roof and the Broomgrove Road Law Clinic.The committee is reviewing its ways of working in the light of experience with these first cases. Information Consultation Committees – discussions included P12 financials, and the possible implications for pensions liability. Further work to review the sustainability of our pension provision will be undertaken as part of the Hallam Deal work plan. An all staff briefing on the Hallam Deal will be issued around the end of October 2017.

Campus Masterplan update
The Board received an update on the Campus masterplan and roadmap. Three of the four faculties have now been re-engaged to gather the latest set of requirements.  The Board discussed the immediate issues being faced within Estates.

Commercial Strategy Outline
The Board received a presentation on the proposal by the Chief Finance and Planning Officer as to how we should shape our commercial strategy. The Board confirmed their broad approval of the principles.

Global Engagement Directorate Plan
The Board received the GED marketing plan and gave their broad approval to the proposals, while recognising that more work was required to translate this into more detailed plans.

 Faculty and Directorates Marketing plan 2017/18 and prioritisation proposal
The Board received the Marketing Plan and gave their broad approval to the proposals.

The Board received a proposal for how to manage and prioritise emerging demand for Marketing support. They agreed to refine the proposed approach by giving the primary weighting to the extent to which an initiative contributes to delivering our strategic priorities, rather than its financial contribution. The Board also asked that prioritisation should be very much a collaborative exercise at faculty and Directorate level.

PSOM update
The Board received a verbal update on the progress of the PSOM programme. The Senior Responsible Owners of the five projects within Phase 1 have been identified.

HESA Data Futures Briefing
The Board were advised that Sheffield Hallam will be participating in a two-year pilot being run by HESA to collect data in-year on an ongoing basis, rather than at specific census points. The impact of the pilot on the teams involved is not yet clearly understood and will be monitored carefully.

BGU ways of working – Richard Calvert advised the Board that performance reports are being developed that will form a standing agenda item at subsequent board meetings.


1.Apologies for Absence
2. Record of the meeting on 19 September 2017
3. Committee Reports
4. Campus Masterplan update
5. Commercial Strategy Outline
6. Global Engagement Directorate Plan
Faculty and Directorates Marketing plan 2017/18 and prioritisation proposal
7. PSOM update
8. HESA Data Futures Briefing
9. AOB


Richard Calvert – Chair, Deborah Harry,  – Co-Chair, Tony Clark, Nuala Devlin, Wayne Keating, Justine Pedler, Mark Swales, Sally Wade, Libby Wilson, Helen Roberts – Secretary and guests presenting items.