15 May 2018

Key discussion points and outcomes


Committee Reports
INVIC has approved the CRM business case

Committee Reports
Equality and Diversity – The E&D team have moved departments to Human Resources and Organisational Development (from Finance and Planning).
Mandatory recruitment selection training – all chairs of recruitment panels need to have done the training.
The new Performance Development Review (PDR) is being launched this summer.
The University has received a bronze Athena Swan award.

The board received an update from Lucy Fawcett, Corporate Project Manager.
CRM was formally initiated in January and following the tendering process in February Crimson Consultants Ltd have been appointed as the implementation partner. Following the signing of contract a more detailed plan and roadmap will be developed.
The board suggested, and it was agreed, that a representative from Admissions and Recruitment should be on the CRM Project Board to offer experience of using a CRM system.

Timetabling Review
The Board received the presentation of the Timetabling Review that has also been presented to Shaping Futures


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Draft record of the meeting held on 17 April 2018
  3. Committee Reports
    1. INVIC
    2. Equality and Diversity
    3. ICC
    4. Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  4. Monthly Performance Report
    1. Risk Overview
  5. PSOM – updates including Interim Design report on Technical Services
    1. For information
  6. Staff Network Group – Policy Paper – Time off for attending network groups
    1. Discussion and Endorsement
  7. CRM – update on project
    1. Discussion and next steps
  8. Any Other Business


Richard Calvert – Chair, Helen Best, Leon Etherington, Deborah Harry, Sally Jackson, Wayne Keating, John Leach, Justine Pedler, Jo Solecki,  Mark Swales, Sally Wade, Libby Wilson, Nicola Green – acting Minutes Secretary. and guests presenting items.