14 November 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes


Committee Reports
Equality & Diversity – The Athena Swan submission will be made at the end of November, with the results due in April 2018.

Information Consultation Committee – The board received a proposal on the revised Terms of Reference and Constitution of the ICC. Further work will be carried out to refine and brought back to the board at a later date.

Campus Masterplan Phase 1 Close-out and update on next steps
The Board received a verbal update on the progress towards the Campus Masterplan. Delivery of the Phase 2 plan is on track for Christmas 2017 in preparation for presentation to Board of Governors in February 2018.

The Board were informed how the Campus Masterplan will be governed to ensure that emerging priorities can be given due consideration in the context of the impact on the overall plan. This will support faculties to plan accordingly. Additionally, the property strategy will be aligned to the Campus Masterplan.

Estates are also introducing a new process for engaging with stakeholders to betr understand their needs before recommending solutions.

HR Workplan
Hallam Deal The Board were informed that the Hallam Deal has been launched and the communication issued to all staff. Roadshows have been scheduled and places are over-subscribed. The plan of action will be presented to the Board in January 2018.

Application Strategy and PSOM interfaces – proposed direction
The Board were advised that the Applications Strategy developed in spring 2017 has been tested against the high level requirements of the PSOM programme and no gaps have been identified. However, an IT Masterplan and roadmap do not yet exist.

Once the size and scale of the work is better understood, DTS will be able to make a recommendation as to sequencing and to advise how much can be delivered at once. This will mean that some work will be prioritised and some other work will have to wait.


1. Apologies for Absence
2. Record of the meeting on 17 October 2017
3. Committee Reports
ii. Equality & Diversity
iii.        ICC
iv. Health, Safety & Wellbeing
4. Monthly Performance Report
5. Campus Masterplan Phase 1 Close-out and update on next steps
6. HR Workplan
i. Hallam Deal – next steps
ii. Defined contribution pension scheme
iii. Talent Management & Succession Planning Proposal
7. Application Strategy and PSOM interfaces – proposed direction
8. AOB


Deborah Harry – Chair, Helen Best, Richard Calvert, Nuala Devlin, Sital Dhillon, Leon Etherington, Sally Jackson, Wayne Keating, Eileen McAuliffe, Justine Pedler, Debbie Stevens, Libby Wilson, Helen Roberts – Secretary. and guests presenting items.