13 February 2018

Key discussion points and outcomes


Monthly Performance Report

  • DTS Technology Strategy – CRM procurement exercise underway.
  • The Campus Masterplan (previsouly named Estates Masterplan) is on track
  • PSOM is proceeding to plan. Major milestone was reached at the end of January. The current focus is on completing design work for Student Services and Academic Services with a view to consulting staff below SSG level from the beginning of April.

Campus Masterplan – utilisation of the existing estate
Ashley Hopps presented the Board with a paper outlining the utilisation of the existing estate. The terms of reference for the Space Management Group were approved in principle with some minor recommendations from the Board.

Application Strategy and Roadmap
Leon Etherington presented the Board with an update on the Application Technology Roadmap

Gender Pay Gap/Equal Pay Audit
The Board received an update from Lisa Stevenson on the Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay Audit.

Subsequently the University published our Gender Pay Gap report on 28 March. More details including a link to the full report were included in Eview 28/03/2018.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Record of the meeting on 16 January 2018
  3. Committee Reports
    1. INVIC
    2. Equality & Diversity
    3. ICC
    4. Health, Safety & Wellbeing
  4. Monthly Performance Report
    1. Budget Review
    2. Risk Overview
  5. Campus Masterplan
    1. Communication and Engagement Plan
    2. Utilisation of the existing estate
  6. Application Strategy and Roadmap
  7. .
    1. Hallam Deal Work Plan
    2. Academic Careers Framework
  8. Gender Pay Gap/Equal Pay Audit
  9. PSOM
  10. AOB
    1. Inspiring a Smoke free Generation


Richard Calvert – Chair, Helen Best, Leon Etherington, Deborah Harry, Sally Jackson, Wayne Keating, John Leach, Justine Pedler, Jo Solecki,  Mark Swales, Sally Wade, Libby Wilson, Nicola Green – acting Minutes Secretary. and guests presenting items.