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Paper Title
Paper 6 Raising Awareness of Individual Differences. Ulrike Bavendiek (University of Liverpool) Download
Paper 7 Opportunities for “internationalisation” on campus. Carolin Schneider & Caroline Campbell (University of Leeds) Download
Paper 11 The Language Learning Framework. Mark Critchley (Durham University) Download
Paper 13 Duolingo versus uTalk: selecting appropriate software to support IWLP learners. Billy Brick (Coventry University) Download
Paper 15 Reviews in translation project: pedagogy and student engagement. Dr Catherine Xiang and Dr Peter Skrandies (LSE) Download
Paper 20 Spanish in the workplace at Exeter: enhancing intercultural competence and employability. Dr José Carlos Tenreiro Prego (University of Exeter) Download
Co-Discovery: a collaborative evaluation of Broadening; the case for language learning. Akeisha Brown, Caroline Campbell, Chandni Pandya, Karen Llewellyn and Robert Irnazarow (University of Leeds) Download