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Computer and paper on deskThis section covers guidance for when you are sitting your exams.

Exam FAQs

See our coursework and examination FAQs .  Some of the topics include what ID is required, what you can take into my exams, exam venues, exam do’s and don’ts and taking exams overseas and online.

Please see our student examination guidance document for information on exam scheduling, library support and academic integrity. You can also find a list of frequently asked questions to help prepare you for the exam.  These FAQs help you prepare for your exam, tell you how to find out information about your exams, and what to do in the event of technical problems during the exam or when submitting your exam. Alongside these FAQs there is a student exam flowchart available as well.

Advice and guidance for disabled students

Your exam support should be listed in your learning contract, if you have one. Examples of exam support include extra time for writing or rest breaks, use of a computer or use of a scribe. The support you get will be agreed within a guidance appointment or Study Needs Assessment. If your learning contract states that you may not be able to attend an exam, please contact your College as soon as possible to check the procedure for non-attendance due to disability related reasons. If you need to discuss changes to your exam support, contact Disabled Student Support and book a guidance appointment. Please see coursework and examination FAQs  for further information.

Exam Schedule/Timetable

Here’s the guidance on exam schedules and timetables. You must ensure that you are available for examinations at any time during these periods, Monday to Saturday9am to 9pm. MyTimetable will show you when the exam will be released and you will have 24 hours from then to complete the examination.

On-campus examination information an be found on the exam venues guidance page. 

What if I miss an exam?

If you miss an exam, contact your Student Support Adviser as soon as possible. Please note that if you arrive late to an on-campus exam, you are permitted to enter an examination during the first 30 minutes, including any reading time allocated to the examination. Please see the Extenuating Circumstances Policy for reference.

Legibility of examination work

  • Presenting work for assessment: students are responsible for ensuring that all assessment is presented in a legible form.
  • Examination scripts: students are expected to write examination scripts in a legible form. If an examination script is illegible or difficult to read and the student has not already been formally warned about legibility, the student is required to transcribe the script prior to marking. This should be conducted under supervision. The student should be formally warned in writing that it is their responsibility to submit work in a legible form and any subsequent pieces of illegible work will not be classed as a valid attempt. The assessment task will be referred (if at first submission) or failed (if at referral submission).

Coping with exams

You can obtain a range of support guidance, information and resources on our exam support section.

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Last updated: 20th January 2022 NB