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Preparing a presentation for the Corporate Systems Management Team today, for a meeting on Monday. With Laurie Nicholls away, it’s important that they are thinking about the new service and what it means for their areas. They need to be talking to their teams, getting ready for August if they aren’t already.

The presentation is really aimed at starting a discussion – about how the management team wants to work, how they will work with one another and other parts of IS&T to deliver services. It sets some context about Laurie’s vision for Corporate Systems but is a start rather than a completed picture.

In the afternoon I was able to check whether the presentation capture what Laurie would want as I met her to update her on work as well as to hear how things were going for her. That meant Laurie was able to add important elements and stress certain points in the presentation, which will make it much more useful I think.

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End of the week

And a couple of relatively quiet days.

Thursday was dominated by discussions on a major systems tender process. Not something to discuss on here.

Friday was mostly about transition planning.

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Transition plans

A mix of a day (audit, finance, planning, KITs) but a definite theme around transition and related communications.

A meeting with Hazel Scott and Claire Casey to update the IS&T Senior Management Team on progress towards some publicity and communications for staff and students this summer and early autumn. It looks really good and picks up a number of ideas we’ve been wanting to incorporate. Alongside the updated intranet pages, this should help people navigate the new service when it goes live.

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In summary

That week flew by!

Lots of KITs this week plus a few other meetings and discussions, with auditors internal and external, updating the ICC on the Corporate Review of IT implementation (which is almost complete), about budgets as we head towards our financial year end, and meeting Chris Sexton from the University of Sheffield.

It was as busy a week as many recent ones though it was a much more ‘normal’ week with the usual ebb and flow of the day job. With much of the immediate process for implementation done, though not quite everything, it’s now about planning the transition with Service Managers, and catching up on all those things left to one side.

I’ve a queue of things that have been left until a ‘quiet time’ and I guess that this is as quiet as it is likely to get so I better get on with things.

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So how do we get there

As the implementation of the new service structure moves to the final stages, the discussions are starting to focus more on transition – moving from the old service arrangements to the new.

The main priorities are around keeping things working as seamlessly as possible for our users, so things work as they should, and around making the changeover as simple and painless as possible for the staff in the service.

Aside from the IS&T Senior Management Team discussions on this in recent weeks, this afternoon the current USG management team met to review current work and to discuss how we make sure things that continue beyond the start-of-service date are still resourced. This can be a particular issue where people currently involved in projects are going to be in different roles post August.

Similar discussions are being had in other teams as well I know, all aiming to make the change as smooth as possible.

Planning for transition isn’t a simple thing however, and we’ll no doubt return to this a number of times over the coming couple of months.

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Picking up threads

A day of picking up threads relating to the transition to the new service and into next year’s business.

Main themes; communication, budgets, planning, staff development, setting expectations and management capability.

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Don't stop

Seemed to be the message of the day, with meetings from start to finish.

The internal auditors were reporting back on the recent policy audit they’ve undertaken for me. That was interesting and though there were few surprises, I’m hoping they will give us some places to start with as priorities. I’ll give more information later once I’ve a final version of the report.

Then a senior management team meeting to discuss transition arrangements, communications, staff development, budgets and planning.

Some feedback meetings and a project board meeting for our mobile app project before a final KIT, clearing up emails and tidying away. I’m in London tomorrow for the Janet UK Stakeholder meeting.

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