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Half way

…through another speedy week.

Strategy dominates again though with a mix of Employee Opinion Survey, budgets and finance, and moving to a new system for incident management.

By the end of this week I would like to have the following:

  • a draft matrix of potential aims and objectives for the new strategy mapped against university strategies
  • a first draft stakeholder intelligence document that I can drawn on in identifying key themes for the strategy
  • clarity on what we will feed back to IS&T staff about our initial thoughts on the Employee Opinion Survey and what we might do as a result
  • a plan of what we have to spend and by when on what, and therefore what residual issues that might leave (good and less good)
  • a decision on the go live date for the incident management system, so we can start to see some of the expected improvements

Tomorrow a change of pace though with a day conference on Internationalisation and the strategic role IT can play there.

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