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Help, I need training

Had my training on using our interim incident management system today.

I won’t be using it a lot I expect but it is helpful to know what it looks like and how it works. Also, from time to time I get complaints or queries about requests and calls made and I need to be able to use the system to quickly check things out.

It looks pretty straightforward and there’s obviously quite a lot of thought gone into ‘quick entry’ templates for capturing the quick fix calls we get. Whilst it looks straightforward there’s a lot of information in there and useful data for reporting and identifying common issues that perhaps we can work on to avoid them continuing to be problematic for people.

The other main use I’ll make of the system is around escalation of breeched incidents – that is, once a call has gone over the defined time for resolution. In the first instance, managers in the area are made aware of incidents before they breech the deadline, but if they remain unresolved then those are escalated to Heads of Service and, if necessary, then to me so that action can be taken.

At the moment it seems I’d have to review all the jobs in the system reported as having breeched the deadline but in time I’ll get a routine report so I’ll be able to pinpoint exactly which ones I need to focus on.

The system is interim because we’re reviewing having a University single system for a range of advice and support functions. The current system already supports three areas at least but the intention is to hopefully extend that further. In the meantime, this system allows us to better manage our incident process, to keep our users better informed, and to provide much improved reporting so we can manage the service better too.

Reporting on the service performance is a hugely important part of the service and therefore we need easy and meaningful information to use. Initial reporting hasn’t been as easy as hoped though work is still to be done on that at the moment.

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