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Review and review again

This week sees the two audits and the review of systems development reach near completion.  As a result, a lot of my time is spent talking to those involved in the audits/review or talking to people helping the audits/review, and in some cases talking about talking about the audits/review.

The first of these, the general IT controls audit, is almost complete and an initial close-out meeting set out the findings informally. A report will be sent shortly.

The other two should also complete in the coming weeks. Time-wise this is important as they will be used to help shape the thinking around the next 5-year IS&T Strategy.

Outside work I’ve been following (with some concerns) discussions about Internet freedoms and proposals to limit them, mostly recently in the suggestion that the UK Government should increase powers to routinely track and hold email, Internet history and other information. A good starting point for some of the wider debate is here.

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