My first time in the decant office space we are in for the next 5-6 weeks. I say decant but for some of the team this is their new office space and the rest of us are merely guests whilst the refurb of Charles Street is completed.

Having been in open plan (although with only a small number of colleagues) for exactly a year, it is odd – good and not so good – to be in my own office again.

Good in the sense of, like most people, enjoying having my own space and somewhere quiet to concentrate. Less good in that you do miss the camaraderie and social aspects of being with other people. Even though those same colleagues are only a matter of a door and 10 feet away or so it feels quite different to when we were sat in the same space day in day out.

It is however good to be in a busier area, with part of one of the City-based teams, even if we are just short-term visitors.

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