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A belated round up

An impending fortnight off and a hectic round of meetings to cram in first means I’ve not posted for some time.

Before Easter it was pretty much all about audit, strategy, business and budget planning, as well as the regular cycle of KITs and routine meetings.

We’ve had two audits on the go, one looking at general IT controls and the other reviewing our approach to our IT Strategy. Whilst the first is a pretty general check (which isn’t to say there won’t be important actions that come from it) the second will help feed into planning the next 5 year strategy plan. Both should report in April.

Alongside this, I have commissioned a review of our systems development approach in terms of governance, process and delivery. This piece of work is also due in late April and it too will feed into both day to day planning and a more strategic plan for the systems challenges facing us. Those systems challenges aren’t particular to us and many are driven by external changes (for example Government policy decisions) over which there’s little choice but to prioritise the work needed. However, that means there is limited resource for other things we might wish to do that the University feels will be of real benefit. We can’t resource from a bottomless bucket (even if we could, the rest of the University couldn’t realistically do the same and we need the expert input from key areas) so we need to be sure we’re using resources as effectively as possible.

Business planning is close to complete and March has been about the detail of the budget required to deliver the different things asked of us. At the same time, there are opportunities currently to procure certain things now, ahead of the next financial year where that’s beneficial, so there’s some planning across the current and next year to see what if anything it makes sense to propose bringing forward. Whilst it’s a lot of work for people, it can be very helpful in giving us more time to implement things for next academic year (a new service to support teaching collaboration for example).

So April looks like being interesting especially around the audit and systems review outcomes. It will also be the real start of discussing and considering the new IT strategy and what we should be proposing to do to help the University achieve its objectives.

IT plays a central role here and there are high expectations of what we can offer for the future.

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