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Postcards from us

When I came back on Monday, the leaflets and pocket ‘keep’ cards we had planned had been sent to almost all University members of staff, with just one faculty to do. The leaflets aim to give some initial information on the new service and to remind staff in faculties and directorates who their key contacts are. The leaflet and card also give information on how to get help, support and information for our services.

We’ve had some good feedback on the leaflets so far, with people saying they are very clear and they have the right amount of information. We’ve also had a couple of areas say they would like to ‘borrow’ some of the ideas to use in their own leaflets They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so Hazel Scott and Claire Casey, who came up with many of the concepts and got the leaflets pulled together and printed for us, should be feeling pretty chuffed.

We intend to do something for students too, though a little different. We are going to produce some postcards, with photos on the front that are in some way representative of our services. On the back will be simple and clear information about how to get help or find out more.

Today, I was looking at the shortlist of possible images we’ve had taken. The photos have been taken by a colleague in a faculty and, although it isn’t his day job, he has quite a reputation already as a semi-pro photographer so I was really pleased he was willing to to help.

In the end, with input from a couple of other colleagues, we’ve picked 4 postcard images to print. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final postcards and hope that students will be intrigued enough by the photos to pick them up and check out the information on the reverse.

Both the leaflets and postcards as pretty much a one-off but they are part of plans to do more to positively promote the services we provide, part of presenting a professional, business-like face to those who use our services.

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