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Variety day

A day of mixed topics – digital (web) strategy, our mobile app group considering the launch of the next version, and accommodation amongst other topics.

Work is resuming on a University web and digital strategy (we’re not really sure what’s the right thing to call it) and there was a very useful scoping discussion with the DVC and colleagues from Marketing. Need to think of a way to capture the intended vision pictorially though.

The SHUgo group, having reached the end of what has effectively been a pilot project, were wanting to sign off the next release which will hopefully have some significant improvements in terms of functionality as well as a new look courtesy of three of our students who have designed new icons for the app.

We also agreed that the board needs to be reconstituted as a formal project board for governance, with some of the current members joining a project team instead. With raised interest in using SHUgo from other parts of the University, it really needs to be managed as a ‘production’ service now. The group who have worked on this has been fantastic though, and I’ve really enjoyed the past 12 months getting to the 1st release and now this 2nd more significant one.

And finally, a visit with Ian Heath from FD to view some possible accommodation for IS&T that will give us a medium term or longer home for our city campus based staff. Looks pretty good, better than any of the alternatives that have been discussed so far. Now fingers crossed that we will be able to do it.

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