Talking mobile

I was glad of my copy of the presentation on my phone this morning – it meant I could run through it again to prepare first thing.

The event was the annual Blackboard Executive Briefing and I was there to talk about our experiences working with mobile and working towards a mobile strategy.

I decided to talk about the journey we’ve been on, firstly with Google Apps and then in wanting to develop our mobile services. It seemed to go down well and there were a lot of questions afterwards and throughout the day.

Other presentations included an overview of the mobile strategy adopted by the University of Liverpool, and on the importance of adopting a strategic approach from Chad Kainz (Blackboard).

Later in the day the discussion moved into more familiar e-learning territory with presentations from a range of speakers from Blackboard and elsewhere.

With attendees from across the UK (and someone from Abu Dhabi University) there were some interesting conversations throughout the day.

Then, a short trip from Westminster to Victoria for the start of the Google EMEA Education CAB.