Google Atmosphere 2010 – links and extra info

Thought this might be of interest to anyone who read my posts from earlier in the week.


Don Tapscott – author and public speaker

The Impending Demise of  the University

Wikinomics and the new book Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business and The World

The Gold Corp example of crowd-sourcing information

Werner Vogels – CTO at


On the idea of ‘private clouds‘ (on which Werner offered strong opinions)

And on ‘cloud‘ security (which of course the reputation of both Amazon and Google’s cloud offerings are built on)

Vint Cerf – Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

On the challenges facing the design of the Internet, partly as a result of limitations in its design and partly because of the changing ways people expect access to it (always connected, mobile)

On the need for standards for cloud computing (so clouds interface with one another, so we don’t find ourselves locked into yet another ‘old computing’ paradigm)

On the challenges of preserving information in a digital age (compare a first folio of Shakespeare, and the contents of a DVD – which is likely to still be here, and readable, in 100 or 200 years?)


Google say they expect to upload video and other stuff from the event next week. I’ll update here with the link when I have it.

YouTube and Picasa


Hope you found the posts interesting, I certainly found the event very interesting and thought-provoking.

[Edited to insert links to video and photos 9/12/10]

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