Google Atmosphere 2010 Day1 pt4

Work has always evolved, hasn’t it?

Enterprise IT has slowed down, consumer IT has raced ahead. Consumers have access to technologies that outstrip what we do provide.

Massive volumes of information, how to manage it, sift it, find the valuable stuff.

Correlation between collaboration and innovation – how do we improve collaboration.

Mobile working is increasingly common/expected. Over 50% of Western European workers working some of their time ‘mobile’ by 2013.

People have multiple devices – how to make things work across multiple devices, platforms.

IT more complex than ever, new modes new vulnerabilities. Considerable legacy investment, slows us down from being flexible, fluid, fast, responsive.

Cloud offers flexible, secure, fast, cheaper solutions.

Robin Williamson, Google.

Example of remote meeting. All the technical challenges, especially around platform integration/interoperability.

Google’s cloud: Issues of scale (speed, power, accessibility – 3rd largest IP network), reliability, extensibility (integrate into existing systems, share data, build/buy apps), security (comprehensive approach; distributed approach to storing data, policies & processes, people).

Announcement of two-step verification, to overcome the various problems with passwords or complex 2-step systems. Available now, with apps for mobile devices as a RSA token generator. (Demo’d).

Preview of new technologies in GoogleApps.

* HTML 5 tools.

* Spelling suggestions on your search terms in Apps.

* Statistical analysis of mail, identify language and offer to translate within the message.

* View attachments within the browser, so don’t need to have e.g. PowerPoint installed locally.

* Priority inbox

* Upload and share any file type in GoogleDocs

* Real time collaboration, including datasets

* Integration with MS Office and Docs, synching into the cloud (pre-announcement)

* Coming soon – GoogleDocs editing on an iPad and any device running Android (pre-announcement)

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