Google Atmosphere 2010 Day1 pt3

Tom Standage – author of The Victorian Internet – leading the panel discussion on a new model for work.

The traditional role of the leader is to lead, have the vision, control direction. How do you share control? Technology is an enabler, culture and values more important.

Challenge of collaboration as work becomes increasingly personalised.

How do we implement the new way – start by personally doing the new way. Do you blog, do you use Twitter, have you edited wikipedia? Mentor younger people.

Will the enterprise still exist? What’s it needed for? For those things that still have to be done ‘inside’.

(Great capture to type on the screen behind – ‘IBM does IT’ rendered ‘IBM dogs IT’!).

Work/life balance – require freedom of choice, customisation, collaborate, speed/fast expectations, work to be fun!

Can the oldies become more like the young – or do they grow up and we die out?

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