Google Atmosphere 2010 Day 1 pt5

Many clouds make light work – Amazon, SuccessFactors, panel discussion led by Tom Standage.

Werner Vogel from Amazon, talking about clouds of cloud. Mixing and matching providers for best flexibility.

Security – what security is actually required, based on business need, more possible in cloud than enterprise IT?

What’s stopping cloud – it is happening, big names are already using it.

What happens if the cloud provider goes bust? You own the data, always, can migrate off/out quickly (if agreement allows – not all providers guarantee this in consumer space?).

What’s to stop cloud simply becoming the new legacy? Service model not infrastructure model – pay as you go now.

Are private clouds really clouds at all? No, biggest competitor to cloud is continuing paradigm of servers on site, with usual cost, inflexibility, lack of agility. Disagreement – may be some business case for some of the collaboration benefits whilst retaining control on some applications.

Only move those apps into cloud at the time it makes sense to.

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