Back to work

The last two days have largely been about picking things back up after my break.

I met with Tracey Holland to discuss the work her team are doing for EGIS on benefits categorisation. This will put in place a consistent set of measures by which to compare various proposals, specifically relating to cost, time and, more challenging, the benefits expected from a proposal. As you might imagine, the variety of proposals coming through to EGIS is considerable and it can make comparison of competing demand quite hard. Hopefully, the benefits categorisation, which we will pilot in the next few months, will help with that.

We also talked about other improvements to the current governance process. The team have really improved reporting and the process by which proposals work through the governance process but there’s always more we can do. We both agreed that the quality of submissions will need to be a focus for improvement in the coming year, so that the portfolio boards and EGIS are able to make decisions based on good quality robust information.

Another interesting discussion related to Entitlement. After doing some work on this some time ago, with little seeming to change, I am pleased to see Rob Harrison is now picking this up, and we had a sort of ‘hand-over’ meeting. I hope Rob is now able to make progress on this as it is something long overdue.

I also made a start on a paper for University Executive on reviewing information security and potential improvements we can make there.

And then, there was of course the post-holiday inbox to wade through. If you’re waiting on a reply from me, apologies and I will get to it as soon as I can.

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