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Marking progress

Met with Rhian Emery this morning for the quarterly update on progress with implementing the ‘Information Systems and Technology Strategy’.

Rhian ‘owns’ the master copy of the plan and routinely updates it with changes, amendments and completed tasks with information from the key leads for different strategy elements.

A year and a half or so in it’s reassuring to see so many ticks on the Gantt Chart. The update also allows us to reschedule activities as we develop a fuller understanding of what’s involved. In that sense it isn’t like a project plan where we’d be hopefully sticking more to agreed deliverables and timescales. The Gantt Chart is more a way of capturing and sharing the various strands of the strategy and tracking progress.

When we’d been through those areas down to me, and the queries other people had raised I asked Rhian to do some overall assessment of the percentage of the strategy completed to date, for me to report to EGIS at the next meeting. However, so far I think we’re on track.

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